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The Importance of SEO and Web Design


It is a known fact that the aim of any business that has a website is to get as many targeted traffic to their website. The truth is that this involves more than just creating a website since some websites are dead since they receive little or no visitors. A surprising observation is that some of these websites are poorly designed and are hard to navigate. In other instances some websites have a great design and layout but they never appear among top searches in search engines thus never get any visitors.


The truth is that the more visitors a website have the higher the chances of customer conversion. To get more visitors to a website a business needs to use a two-pronged approach that involved getting a great web design and optimizing the content for better search engine results.


To create a great website the web designer needs to consider is the load time. Load time is influenced by the visuals, layout and design elements of the websites. Slow loading websites are a put off to visitors and given the fact that on average, most people wait for only 3-5 seconds for a page to load.


The other aspect to consider is the layout of the website. It is true that Webdesign that are busy and complex affect the perception of the visitor. It is surprisingly true that the structure of content also affects the capacity to build trust with clients. In a website vital information should be visible at the first glance and this happens when it is placed in front or at the center. Readily accessible information also builds client trust and removes the inconvenience of having to click repeatedly at links to get the right content.


Visuals, color and font schemes are another important consideration. The truth is that an excellent website has visuals that are well balanced out and not cluttered together. The best strategy is to use photos carefully and not stockpile them. Another thing to remember is that fonts need to be the right size and avoid excess curves, which make the words hard to read. The color scheme used should not be too bright or too dull.


Another issue to consider is mobile optimization so that the website can be viewed on smartphones. This enables customers, who are on the go or are unable to access a computer, still be able to access the website. 


Designing a website is half the work, the other part involves optimizing the website for search engines. The first thing that a business owner needs to do is create rich content that is easy to comprehend, informative, authentic and having a good keyword density. Proper keyword density will make the website feature among the first search results of a search engine. Click here for more facts.